Want to make your own totem/cairn?! You can come work with me to learn my process and use my carving techniques to make your own. The fee is $120/per person. That includes 25 pounds of clay, supplies, kiln firing, studio time, & instruction. You can make as many pieces with that amount of clay as you want! The class will be split up over 2.5 days: Day 1 is shaping them (4 hours), Day 2 is decorating (4 hours), Day 3 is picking up all the fired/finished pieces & assembling! It’s best to have a week between each day. I’d love to do a class with/for you–just get 3 friends (4 people total) together with some date ideas!

Day 1–4 hour class–Make your pieces! Using a variety of techniques, we’ll hand-build your totem pieces using up to 25 pounds of clay. (More is available for purchase.) These will then dry to a stage called “leather-hard” before we decorate them.

Day 2–4 hour class–Decorate your pieces! Using slips, under-glazes, and engobes, we will add color to your clay creations. You can then carve designs into the clay using a technique called “sgraffito.” From here, the pieces will dry completely. I will then fire them, apply a clear glaze coat for you, and fire them a final time. (This day is ideally a week after Day 1.)

Day 3–2 hour class–Pick up/assemble your totem/cairn! (This is not a required day.) This is the big reveal! You’ll get your final pieces, and we’ll play with ways of stacking and displaying your art! These sculptures can be put in your garden or indoors. I’ll provide you with re-bar. If you want a metal base to display them inside or on steps (or basically anywhere where the re-bar can’t be put directly into the ground), I only ask that you pay the $20 welding fee I pay. (This day will vary depending on firing times. Larger pieces will require more drying time=longer waiting for firings!) Day 3 is not a requirement. If needed, we can arrange for pick-up or shipping of your final pieces. If you opt for the shipping option, I’ll only charge the actual shipping fees.

Please bring:
-Clothes that can get dirty
-Sunglasses/hat in case we work outside
-Water & snacks
-Your smiles and creativity
-Class fee of $125/per person payable to Leah DeCapio (This includes a non-refundable $60 deposit)

Come design and carve your own tiles! I will provide the tiles (made ahead of time), materials, tools, and instruction. The tiles will be fired and mailed to you approx. a week later.

-During Open Studios: The Boulder Open Studios Tour will take place October 7-8 & 14-15, 2017 from 12:00 Noon to 6:00pm each day.
-$25/per tile
-$5/per tile shipping