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“…Handmade pottery creates a person-to-person intimacy. The hand of the artist reaches through the object to touch the hand of the user… “ -Wayne Higby

Our one-of-a-kind piece of ceramic art is handmade by Leah & Scott DeCapio. Each piece is first shaped on a potter’s wheel or by hand by Scott. Leah then paints the entire piece black and carves the designs into the clay. Each piece is an original, no stencils are used! From here, the piece goes through a series of firings (and some are adorned with metal work and handmade glass beads). Our studio is very “green” too: our electricity is powered by wind and water!

All of our functional work is food-safe. We do not recommend putting them in the microwave and prefer that they be hand-washed.

Leah Simmons DeCapio has made art all of her life. She received a Studio Arts Degree (with an emphasis in Ceramics) and an Anthropology Degree from the University of Colorado. Today, she lives and creates in the mountains of Colorado. Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature around her, family and friends, and the smiles offered by strangers!

Scott DeCapio is a self-taught potter. His educational background is in Biology, from Johnson State in Vermont. In recent years, his passion for mountain climbing has taken him on multiple expeditions to Alaska and places as far away as Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. When not traveling, he divides his time between the mountains and in the studio with Leah.

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  1. Hi Leah, I used to live in Boulder and I met you through Brooke at a art sale. I have several of your pottery pieces and I love them. I now have an excuse to get my hands on a whole bunch of them ( many I am sure will end up in my home)….if you wholesale!? I am opening a store on the Oregon Coast. It will be supporting my favorite Artists and have an old time feel. We live in a very small river town called Nehalem. It is 2 miles from the beach, and we get a lot of vacationers and 2nd home owners. Hope you are well… Brenna 503-368-3496

  2. My husband and I visited friends in Glen Haven last weekend, where I was introduced to your store and products which I love. I bought a small bowl and it looks WONDERFUL in my kitchen. I will definitely be getting more of your pieces in the future. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
    Crete, Nebraska

  3. Hi, Scot Beswick’s wife here… We’ve never met but I wanted to say I’m psyched to see your new home! It looks great. Jane Cole posted it on Radome’s facebook page. I hope I get to meet you both sometime. I wasn’t sure how I could contact you so I went through this site. Be well and prosper.

    • Thank you so very much! We are getting “back on our feet.” It has been a long “haul,” but the support of so many of our customers has been amazing. We are so humbled by all of your support and so thankful that our art has touched so many lives. We will be creating again–probably THIS month!

  4. Hi Leah, you may not remember me but I wanted to say how happy I am to see that you are up and moving forward. I just took a drive down and reminisced with great sadness of how it looks now. Where is your new location? Need more “Leah” stuff :). Best wishes for continued success!!


    • Thank you! We are now in Nederland with a new BABY! We are still making art, just more slowly w/a little one! Thank you for your support!

  5. I’ve loved your work for many years. Is any of it available for purchace on line. I tried Etsy but found nothing for sale.

    • Thank you! With a baby, we are now working slowly. I hope to post some items on our esty site later this month. We have a facebook page, and I will post when I put pieces up for sale. Thank you for your support!

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