Please note that these pieces are not always available! Most of these pieces are happily living in new homes. Our work is one-of-a-kind.

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4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I came across your work while researching festivals on Zapplication. First, let me say that your ceramic creations is amazing! I really love the black and white.Your work is not only the style but also the caliber that I am looking for. I am part of a new website called Fine Cabin. It is a juried members only site that is a studio, gallery, and marketplace. There are no listing fees or commissions, just monthly membership. We would love to have you as one of our members. When you have time, please go to and take a look at the site and see how it works. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me. My contact information is Britton Neal, cell 205-531-4352, office 205-879-9960 and my email is Thanks for your consideration. I think you would be a perfect fit for Fine Cabin.

    • Thank you! As you may know, we have a baby. So…we are not quite up to working as much…YET! I’ll keep you in mind for the future. Thank you for reaching out!

  2. Hi. It’s Brenna on the Oregon coast…the Nehalem Beehive. I had a couple come in a few weeks ago and saw your pottery and said they were your friends. They told me of your story…the flood, the move and the new life !!! Congrats. At some point I would love to get another order from you. I thought I’d check in now to see if you are still willing to put together a simular order to last time. And to see if we could plan for the future, so we could put together a order and then you work on making the pieces in the next couple of months. I am glad you are well.

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